Saving lives by reducing the number of preventable stillbirths. Promoting the advancement of women’s health before during and after pregnancy. POAC also advocates pediatric and adult cancer research focusing on Alternative treatments in the field of immunotherapy in collaboration with Prof. Dr Martin Grootveld of DeMontfort University in Leicester, Prof. Dr. Dana Flavin is leading a new research programme focused on enhancing the body’s natural ability to fight cancer. This programme has the potential fundamentally to change the future of cancer treatment in the UK and beyond. In the UK & USA Pediatric brain cancer is now the number one cause of death in infants and young adults. Advancement in antenatal screening with MRI may lead to a better understanding of the disease. POAC strives towards Epidemiology study to learn more about the causes/origin (understanding environmental/genetic risk factors) in infants and children by gathering information from parents whose children have suffered this horrible illness.

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Mark Humphries Request for Sponsorship

INCREASING THE AVAILABILITY OF NEW CANCER THERAPIES. Alternative treatments in the field of immunotherapy have been available to patients in other countries for some years but are generally unavailable to patients in the UK.


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The 2016 World Health Organization Classification of Tumors of the Central Nervous System:


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NHS baby death probes 'not good enough'

There are too many poor quality investigations into babies who die or are severely brain damaged during labour, a review says.

The warning by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists comes as it publishes its preliminary report into how problems during labour are investigated. More than 900 cases have been referred to the programme. Of the 204 investigations reviewed, 27% were found to be of poor quality.

The review has also been looking at the number of cases where parents have been involved in the investigations - nearly three-quarters of the 599 reviewed did not involve them in any meaningful way.

Ministers said the findings were "unacceptable". The final report is due in 2017. The inquiry, Each Baby Counts, has been set up to ensure lessons are learned when something goes wrong.

The aim is by 2020 to halve the number of babies who die or are left severely disabled. Out of 800,000 births after at least 37 weeks of pregnancy, in the UK in 2015, there were:

 655 babies classified as having severe brain injuries

 147 neonatal deaths (within seven days of birth)

 119 stillbirths

In all cases, the babies had been healthy before labour began.

Parents, the blame stops at UK RCOG - RCM - NICE and their avoidance to perform controlled fetal monitoring & C- Sections. The lack independent investigation as clearly NHS boards have no other option than to cover up incompetence.

Urgent Public Appeal:

Fundingneuro is funding Professor Steven Gill Consultant Neurosurgeon NHS Bristol UK.

Professor Steven Gill and his team work at North Bristol NHS Trust. The task is to treat children with brain tumours; the state of the art technique was developed by Prof Gill and his team and is the first of its kind in the world. For many children Prof Gills and his team are the only hope. The team at Bristol deliver drugs directly into the tumour avoiding the Blood Brain Barrier.


Please Assist Fund Neuro -

Petition PE01592:

Group B Strep Information & Testingng calling on the Scottish Parliament to ensure all pregnant women receive information about Group B Strep and are given the option to be tested; and to set aside funding to find more reliable methods of testing. (Group B Strep testing is mandatory in many EU & none EU countries)

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Epidemiology Study:

POAC in collaboration with Prof Dr Dana Flavin (Collmed) will engaged in Epidemiology study in relation to childhood cancers. POAC questionnaire is in progress and will soon be available to members of the public wishing to take part.


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New Patrons:

POAC, welcome onboard Prof. Dr Dana Flavin to our list of professional Patrons.  Dr Flavin has a multi disciplinary professional background. Her medical education is to the highest level and her experience spans the globe. Dr Flavin is an expert in women’s health and author of numerous publications and TV interviews. Dr Flavin was awarded women of innovation in science and medicine 2008 USA.

Fund Raising:

POAC, would like to thank Mr Steven Holmes for his kind donation of 250Uk pounds from his latest cycle run along the banks of the river Rhine Germany. “Well done”

Project Alive & Kicking:

We welcome you to Project Alive & Kicking, A foundation devoted to the expected baby (PAK). OProject Alive & Kicking:ur foundation came into being by the crossing of paths and the fusion of hearts. We first met as strangers to connect but as we continued to meet, a funny thing happened: not only did we become devoted friends, but we realized we all wanted to give babies the best chance to complete their forty-week journey and enter the world alive and kicking.


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BBC Born Asleep:

More than half of stillbirths in the UK could be prevented if the NHS implemented additional scans, a leading obstetrician has told Panorama. 

Each year, more than 3,000 babies are stillborn in the UK, one of the worst rates in the developed world.

Prof Kypros Nicolaides says offering all women Doppler scans, which measure blood flow between the placenta and foetus, could save 1,500 babies a year.

The Department of Health said it has asked him to submit his research. 

POAC, says DOH should consider immediate action as 3 scans are offered in other countries, the more they delay lives will be lost and families destroyed, the 32wk scan is for sure value for money and will reduce stillbirths, weekly NST are also performed in other countries in the last 4 > 6wks of term alone with strep B testing why not in the UK.    


Three-quarters of a million babies are born in the UK each year. One in 200 dies before birth, mostly to mothers with no known risk factors.

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Stillbirth rate 'poor' says Scotland's leading maternity doctor.

POAC STATE - (RFM) Reduced Fetal Movement advise and information is the responsibility of the Scottish Health Minister, Midwife's and Doctors "NOT SANDS" all pregnant ladies should be advised of the importance of how and why they must monitor their babies movements in 3rd trimester and be encouraged to have a late "quality" fetal well-being scan around 32/34 wks of gestation. POAC's vision is that every pregnant lady get access to FREE Fetal CTG (None Stress Tests) in the last 4wks of term in order to filler out the babies who need a helping hand. Fetal CTG (None Stress Tests) is a proven Key in reducing stillbirths which is applied in many other countries but not the UK "WHY" we must ask. Fetal CTG's (None Stress Tests) are none invasive and perfectly safe, a "global" proven method in reducing stillbirth and birth trauma.

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Do not Ignore "Nuchal Cord” A nuchal cord occurs when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the fetal neck 360 degrees.

A baby who cheated death by 30 minutes, Doctors spot umbilical cord x2 around her neck known as "Nuchal Cord"during a late term scan had to carry out emergency caesarian at 32 weeks.

Britain's stillbirths among the worst in developed world


What has changed Since 14 April 2011 - Britain's record of stillbirths was condemned as a "national scandal" today after it was shown to be one of the worst in the developed world. April 2013 Our research indicates an increase in UK stillbirths.

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WHY Antenatal Screening Must Improve:

Headline Summary:

• The rate of major obstetric haemorrhage (MOH) is increasing and now affects 1 in 170 women giving birth in Scotland. Other causes of severe morbidity in pregnancy are declining.

• There are deficiencies in the prevention and the management of MOH.

• Episodes of MOH continue to be under investigated locally via adverse event reporting with 42% of episodes being reviewed by maternity units’ risk management teams.

• Although one in five women experiencing MOH are not attended directly by a consultant obstetrician (one in three overnight), data suggests that these cases are less severe and that all severe episodes were attended by a consultant obstetrician.

• Rates of peripartum hysterectomy related to MOH rose in 2011.

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NHS Scotland revealed: £213m bill to NHS in negligence claims

While the majority of cases filed (16%) related to botched surgery, this was closely followed by serious errors in obstetrics and gynaecology – pointing to medical blunders during pregnancy or childbirth. These accounted for 15% of cases nationally, but were notably higher in NHS Lanarkshire where almost one in four claims (23%) related to maternity care.

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'Induce older mums early to cut stillbirth risk'

Pregnant women aged over 40 should be given the option of being induced early to reduce the risks of losing their baby, says a Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists paper. POAC welcomes this step forward to reduce STILLBIRTHS, “long overdue”, mums who wish induction should also “insist” their baby’s heart rate be constantly monitored (CTG) by fully qualified/competent staff.

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Why a C-Section may be medically necessary.

C-Section is a common birth option and in many cases medically necessary.

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E-Brochure on Umbilical Cord Accidents Prevention 2012.

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New RCOG guidance urges CCGs to increase births without epidurals and reduce caesarean rates to 20%
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Scottish Confidential Audit of Severe Maternal Morbidity.
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Monica Health Care Products UK.

Monica world leading in maternal and fetal monitoring systems have offered their full support to POAC. At Monica our aims and values are closely aligned to POAC and through the advancement of technology and education of the clinicians and carers involved we aim to reduce stillbirths, unnecessary interventions and improve outcomes for mothers, children and families as a whole. We wish POAC every success in their endeavours. Further information on Fetal monitoring see articles. For further information on Monica Healthcare products visit  

Babies induced at 40 weeks would ‘improve the survival rate’

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Pauline Hull, founder of electivecesarean, contacted our charity to offer her full support.

Pauline says POAC deserves recognition for its commitment to exploring new research and helping prevent the loss of precious lives. Technology is often seen as a last resort in pregnancy and childbirth, and the tendency is to approach intervention as a last resort only. In fact, using technology during pregnancy could help many women to make a more informed choice about their birth plan, in consultation with a medical professional, visit 

Delivering better ways of preventing stillbirths

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Reduced Fetal Movements (RFM) For All Pregnant Women & Clinicians

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POAC is an official charity with OSCR registration, click here for more INFO.